vid door

vid door by katja lipicnik from slovenia

designer's own words:

A door is a barrier to an enclosed space, this could be a room inside the house or the space outside of a house. It is not only a physical barrier but also a visual barrier. The ‘VID’ door aims to redesign the door as purely a physical barrier. The ‘VID’ door has the ability to display real-time information of what is occurring behind the door. Using digital display screens that fills the entire face of the door and digital video cameras, a live feed is sent to the screen which creates the illusion of no door at all, therefore the door becomes a physical barrier but not a visual barrier.
The digital display screen can also be used as a monitor for other electronic equipment such as TV’s, computers and consoles. The ‘VID’ door also has preference options thereby allowing the owner to control what is being displayed, so privacy can also be obtained.

system of vid

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