W-919 - Feel The Time

W-919 - Feel The Time by toronjaa from mexico

designer's own words:

From the beginning, we considered the problem of time, as we believe that time is something that is closely linked to the senses. We perceive time through all our senses for example we can see a clock, we can smell the breakfast in the morning, or listen to the ticking of a clock.
To tackle the problem we used the Biomimicry thinking method, which is the research of elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.
We found it very impressive to investigate the time in nature since we realized that humans are the only beings that have sense of time. For animals, there is no notion of time as such, there is no past and no future, it could be said that they are "stuck in time".
This led us to investigate our own body, and the meaning of time. We use the neurons as inspiration and subject of investigation to develop this project.

Time perception is a construction of the brain that is manipulable and distortable under certain circumstances. Time is everything, time is nothing. Time is subjective and quantifiable. Time is merely electrical impulse of information that came to the brain in pieces and makes a whole image of our time.
That’s how W-919 is born, a watch without display, inspired in how neurons transmit information by electrical signals. You can perceive time by the sense of touch, a sense that is not often use to know the time, in order to make the user FEEL the time. The W-919 uses the Electro vibration technology that reproduces the feeling of texture or bumps in a flat surface. It works by dragging a dry finger over a conductive surface covered with a thin insulating layer and excited with a 110 V signal, this creates a characteristic rubbery feeling. The way you use W-919 is by tapping the display to change from the clock feeling to the texture feeling.
The product name is based on the definition of the second, where a second is 919,631,770 atom vibrations, which is why it is called W (watch) 919 (919 631 77).

The W-919 is made with aluminum, and the strap is made with a thermostable rubber, that is designed to fit just by pressure, without glue or screws. This feature makes it simple to change the stripe or to clean it.

We attempt to make a watch usable for everyone, even blind people or visually impaired. We want to create a new sense experience, and that’s why we add a feature of feeling intricate textures for leisure or entertainment.
With W-919 the time is yours.

W-919 Watch.
W-919 - Feel The Time
W-919 is a watch without display that tells the hour only by touch.
W-919 - Feel The Time
Description of interface and use.
W-919 - Feel The Time
Example of several textures.
W-919 - Feel The Time
The W-919 have a simple assembly, by using only pressure, you can easily change the strap or clean it.
W-919 - Feel The Time
Example of use.