walking led

walking led by ori takemura from russia

designer's own words:

The dialog between the product and the person it was designed for, is the most essential part of every creation. Walking LED is about the dialog as it speaks to every one who passes by.

Walking LED is a kind of kinetic sculpture, designed for boutiques shop windows, building fronts or facades. I think it should be used at a place of public interest (like a façade of a modern art museum or gallery, it may be a window of a brand shop on shopping street like Ginza or 5th Avenue), though it also can be used as an exhibition place installation. It is about people who pass by; it means that it can be used by any institution where people are significant. When you pass the Walking Led window on a set distance (1-1.5meters approx.), motion sensors scans your body and creates eleven points (2 for foots, 2 for knees, one for pelvis, one for solar plexus, one for head, and by two for elbows and hands), than smaller points created to connect those 11. The figure is controlled by a program code and synchronized with the moving person though sensors on the top of the window. So it is not just your reflection though LED but a completely simulated figure “powered” by your moves. That’s why it it’s like a kinetic sculpture. Figure walks few centimeters behind the real walker so he can turn back and see his figure at his back. Further usage is unlimited, as a sculpture where every one is taking part it will be a pleasure just to walk by, to photo shoot, just to see people walking…

walking led

walkingled2.jpg closer view

walkingled3.jpg description scheme