wallpaper tile

wallpaper tile by loris jaccard from uk

designer's own words:

"Wallpaper tile" plays with contrasts.

The tile is made of natural fir wood. Thin layers of wood are stacked together to create a three dimentional flower pattern. (image 1).
The flowers are covered with round crystals of different sizes and colors (clear and smocked tones). (image 2)
Inspired from the traditional wallpaper patterns, the tiles give a warm and sparkling atmosphere. Between the swiss chalet and the luxuous palace. (image 3)

dimensions : 300mm x 280mm x 20mm

materials : natural fir wood, swarovski crystals
crystals : round base, different sizes (5 sizes) glued on wood base. colors : from clear to grey/smocked crystals

crystal layout

copy_0_wptile_1.jpg wooden pattern layers

copy_0_wptile_3.jpg tiles together