waterfull   dew and rain collector

waterfull dew and rain collector by adital ela from israel

designer's own words:

WATERFULL is an effective private upper-well that can be integrated in the home environment as a multi -season water collector as well as a shading element.

In the reality of global warming and evident lack of water in many areas around the world, WATERFULL creates a self-sufficient platform that enables the home-user to collect dew and rain water for everyday needs. Doing so, one is able to make use of the natural abundance available in his surroundings.

WATERFULL is 3 meters in diameter, and by using a unique dew-collecting fabric created by OPUR (International Organization for Dew Utilization), can collect up to 3.5 liters of water a day in the dry season. In the rainy season the water container allows the accumulation of up to 460 liters of water.
The draining water passes through a filter as it enters the container. The tap at the base of the container enables the use of the accumulated water for various home applications.

WATERFULL illustrates a vision for a lifestyle in which well-designed products create a direct link between the user and accessible natural resources (such as dew and rain water), and therefore support the adoption of a sustainable way of life.

The next generation - WATERFULL is now being developed for local manufacturing and use in developing countries.

waterfull – dew and rain collector

copy_0_waterfull_rainy_season.jpg waterfull in the rainy season

copy_0_waterfulldryseason.jpg waterfull in the dry season