Wild Door Handles Series

Wild Door Handles Series by roohollah from iran

designer's own words:

avant-garde brands should move with public trends. for a high class brand like colombo it is important to follow the new attitudes and new movements in high level section of society.
one of these good trends to focus is "green movement". the movement that's trying to mentions the people to think about the nature and the dangers that menace it.

we are from the nature so we need to be in relation with the nature. also we should think about it because without it we will disappear soon. this concept teaches us thinking about the animals endangered by caressing and touching them everyday! the lovely animals like sharks, dolphins and white-head-eagles.

the nature always is perfect in aesthetic. with the approach of organic design this concept bring the dignity, the grandeur and the freshness from the nature to the interior products. the dignity of sharks, the grandeur of white-head-eagles and the freshness of dolphins.

with the approach of critical design this door handle series mentions the people to think about the nature and specially animals endangered like sharks. this is a try to bring the critical design from the museums to products we use in every day life. with this approach we may have an industry that is producing not only the perfect products but also the transcendental concepts and messages.
and colombo can be the first in this new approach.

Wild Door Handle

copy_173_002.jpg Wild Door Handle – Shark – Left

copy_151_003.jpg Wild Door Handle – Shark – Down

copy_13_004.jpg Shark Door Handle

copy_8_005.jpg White-head-eagle Door Handle

copy_6_006.jpg Dolphins Door Handle