Wind solar power generator

Wind solar power generator by Ivan Romanov from russia

designer's own words:

Project wind-solar power generator "Horizon". The project based on physical phenomenon Magnus effect are the increase in wind speed, a streamlined body, and hence increase the efficiency of electricity generation. Another part of the electricity produced by solar panels located on the envelope. Wind generator consists of a shell filled with helium, which is adjustably connected with two symmetrically arranged induction motors which generate electricity by rotating. Also attached to the envelope of solar panels, electricity from which is removed with brushes. Study shell allows "airship" perpendicular to the direction of the wind. Windmill attached to the ground cable on which the fixed wires. The advantages of such a solar windmill are: stability, high efficiency, quiet, mobility and environmental friendliness. Specifications: Length, m: 5.36 Diameter, m: 4,2 Volume envelope, m3: 23.2 Weight, kg: 20 Area solar-m2: 23,6 power energy resulting electric motors, kW: 2,2 Power , generated by solar panels, kW: 2,5.

General view

romanov_ivan_horizon_blast_sheme.jpg Blast sheme

romanov_ivan_horizon_drawing.jpg Drawing