windylight   urban series

windylight urban series by adital ela from israel

designer's own words:

WindyLight is a collection of self-sufficient outdoor lights operated by wind energy. Windylight is created from a repetitive module which integrates wind collection and a LED light source into one element.

WindyLight creates a variety of lamps for the urban environment that operate on free, clean energy and require no connection to the city's electrical grid. In WindyLight, the capacity of wind is translated into light intensity, thus creating a unique light and sensual experience that is in tune with the natural flow of wind.

Windylight is designed to utilize even a soft gust of wind. By dividing the energy collection into small and light repetitive elements, WindyLight can transform wind into light even in an urban built environment. The weathercock modular element enables various WindyLight configurations in different sizes and functions.

WindyLight illustrates a sustainable design vision in which products become a direct link between renewable resources and basic everyday human needs.
As such, WindyLight is operated by its direct contact with wind, and transforms this encounter into a basic human need – light, while creating zero environmental impact.

WindyLight – Yakinton model

copy_0_hagashasavion.jpg WindyLight – Savyon model