world clock

world clock by masafumi ishikawa from usa

designer's own words:

As globalization advances, Our world is smaller and smaller. But passage of time is universal forever.

This “World Clock”, which has only the hour hand, tells you time in the world. Names of cities around the world are written on the appearance of the dodecagon. When rotate the clock to set a name of city with the top, can know the time of this city. Rotating the clock, but the hand is keeping the same position, not moving.

With not special technology, almost same structure with normal clocks. One thing is different. “World Clock” has a ball bearing between the movement and the hand. It works to keep same position of the hand, even if move the clock.

I designed this clock to easily know how friends from overseas are.

WorldClock_presentation_01 world clock WorldClock_presentation_02 [jwplayer config=”mplayer” width=”818px” height=”600px” file=”″] video