yes! swatter

yes! swatter by ke zhao from china

designer's own words:

Yes! Swatter not only helps you swat flies, but also brings an elegant way to pick up the dead body. Split the crack in the front by pushing the swatter against the floor, target it to the dead fly and let go. With these simple steps, you can shovel the fly easily thanks to the elasticity of the swatter itself. Since picking up the dead fly by hand with a napkin is no longer necessary, Yes! Swatter avoids the discomfort of touching the insect body. More importantly, it saves our resources.

This is Yes! Swatter. It’s cool, and really helpful.

yes_swatter_2.jpg The problem Yes! Swatter trying to solve is the usual unpleasant way we pick up the dead flies.

yes_swatter_3.jpg With a crack in the front, Yes! Swatter helps you pick up the body with ease. Yes, it’s that simple.