zero2onehundred by simone federman from australia

designer's own words:

Zero2oneHundred - Photos of prototype - This unique docking base plate, which comes with a kettle and pot attachment, can heat the contents to any pre-set level

- With the kettle attachment water can not only be boiled but can also be heated to a lower temperature. Thus a cup off coffee or tea can be made at a drinkable temperature without waiting for a cooling period. For the very young and elderly this also adds a safety factor.

- Utilizing the pot attachment soups and sauces can be simmered without burning. Milk and baby formulas can also be heated to a safe temperature without the risk of scalding.

- An optional beep may also be activated to indicate when the desired temperature has been reached. There will also be a setting that allows for the temperature to be maintained at the pre-set level or for the unit to switch off when the designated temperature has been reached.

Docking base plate has touch button operation

copy_289_2.jpg Base plate

copy_255_3.jpg Base plate with docked kettle