‘fuck you! – table lamp’ by andrea maestri, 2012 all images courtesy the designer

the self-produced collection of provocative, symbolic and oneiric furniture, is a series of domestic hallucinations imagined by milan-based designer andrea maestri. each piece has its own soul and becomes the protagonist of a bizarre story aiming to produce a strongly figurative and uninhibited aesthetics: religion, eroticism, urban culture are the favorite themes, always trying to listen to what comes out walking in the street. a great variety of techniques (veneer, polycarbonate printing, bronze fusion, resin) and materials (from aluminum to leather, from wood to fabrics) has been involved and explored; the result is a family of iconic objects between design, art and craftsmanship able to communicate in a very powerful way the madness and instability of our human lives.

andrea maestri: maestriland collection ‘i love jesus – coffee table’

andrea maestri: maestriland collection ‘firepussy – mirror’

andrea maestri: maestriland collection ‘johnny – bookcase’

andrea maestri: maestriland collection ‘dear mama – toy box’

andrea maestri: maestriland collection ‘kuriosity killed the kat – table lamp’


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