wearable construct with seventeen sleeves. an interface between the body and its immediate surrounding

if dance outlines a possible structurability of space, within an innumerable set of potential compositions, then through the glance of dance, this project seeks to provoke the standard ways of producing architectural meaning, using the body as a tool to deploy the potentials of the designing process. here the clothes/constructs serve as a medium to understand that architectural space is not just effective or functional, but needs to be affective and changeable. the production of form, as well as the relationships of visibility, distance and enclosure are to be understood in a performative way. from the selection of fabric, as the basic material, through the process of production using a sewing machine, until the final steps of actual performance within the clothes\constructs, the work results as a continuous dialogue between craftsmanship and physical participation all along the design process.

ani krikorian: wearable constructs 1:5 model

ani krikorian: wearable constructs making process: pattern when folded / construct with seventeen sleeves in expansion

ani krikorian: wearable constructs one body wearing the construct :pattern with two sleeves

ani krikorian: wearable constructs one body wearing the construct :pattern with three sleeves / four bodies wearing the construct :pattern with seventeen sleeves

ani krikorian: wearable constructs experimental performance: professional dancer marie monier transforms the constructs revealing a plithora of potentials in use and form


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