‘toll plazas’ by archohm, delhi – gurgaon border, india all images courtesy of archohm

international practice archohm has sent us images of two ‘toll plazas’ which they have completed in india. the dwarka and IGI international airport and the delhi-gurgaon where a future commercial and residential hub for the national capital region will be located. the team set to design a functional city and urban space that would leave an impact on the city skyline. the structure is divided into three distinct areas: the plaza zone which comprises of lanes, toll collection booths, an underground tunnel and an over-head canopy to provide a visual identity to the approaching commuters; secondly, the toll control zone, which begins with the cash area at the end of the tunnel, a storage room and money transfer facility for the bank; thirdly, facilities located at the basement level with a control room that oversees the complete operation of the site.

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka double level parking

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka aerial view

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka ‘dwarka + the IGI international airport toll plaza’

the IGI toll plaza, is a smaller structure located at the entry point to dwarka and the IGI international aiport. it was developed to be a highly visible space as it acts as a gateway to the city for people flying into delhi, nationally or internationally. it comprises of hi-tech frameless glass booths with a tensile canopy that punctuates the public square. today it has been declared the largest in asia with a twisted covering that sites on seven 7.2m high concrete pins. the bottom of the tent is lit with changing LED colors that allow the daily commuter to experience a variety of visual montages.

the roof of the administration block doubles as a parking, expressing issues of space constraints, security and flyovers and highways of the site. it acts as a deck to enjoy the view of the area as well as an aesthetic public design. the specialized lighting emits through the fabric enhancing the dynamic of the structure’s form and surface. the color renderings change to contrast the white vocabulary of the plaza and the scheme of the expressway. the toll was build in a record six months, marking a new feet in engineering in indian plaza construction.

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka booth

  archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka canopy

archohm: toll plazas, delhi + dwarka

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