‘bar leoneo’ by atelier HUGE looking at the whole space images courtesy atelier HUGE © toshihisa ishii

japanese studio atelier HUGE have completed ‘bar leoneo’, an interior design space for a small bar on the first floor of an old apartment located at maizuru in fukuoka-city. deviated from the central city of fukuoka features of the postwar japanese cityscape are dotted with wooden houses and inclined roofs. the low roof evokes an image of an attic to express a symbol as the connection between the past and the present age. also, the height of the counter is as same as the general dining table’s and a part of the floor is wooden, where finishing touches of internal wall surfaces and undercoats of mortar are exposed to demonstrate the calm and modern features of the apartment.

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo a low ceiling surrounds the space

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo finishing touch of internal walls surfaces, the undercoat of mortar was exposed for keeping

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo looking from the entrance

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo designed a simple chair for a bar

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo site map

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo japanese cityscape in the area dotted with the wooden houses with inclined roofs

atelier HUGE: bar leoneo diagram

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