‘office building boulogne billancourt’ by atelier zündel cristea, boulogne billancourt, france all images courtesy of atelier zündel cristea

paris-based atelier zündel cristea has developed a proposal for a new office building located at 122, avenue du général leclerc, in the silly-gallieni neighborhood of boulogne billancourt, france. the project consists of the renovation of the building existing 10,402m² surface area, the redesign of the facade taking into account the overall structure, the repair of the technical premises, and the optimizing of office surface space. the new office will address the issue of flexibility, in a modern and contemporary context. it will take a new architectural point of departure targeting energy standards and upgrading the efficiency of the facades and facilities to measure current regulations.

the building’s exterior will be renovated with a glass relation between 50-60%. the new skin will be a double ventilated edifice with a first weatherproof layer patterned with a 5×1.35m by 1×1.25 grid repeated every 8 meters, which will be fastened to the concrete structure, effectively sealing the property. this layer will be composed of an insulated aluminum paneling for the section which covers the material, and of double glass paneling for its bay openings. the full height of the glass section will be able to be opened at every other panel to facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning from the interior. a ventilated second layer will be placed at 0.20 meters from the first thickness towards the exterior. this coat assumes a number of roles: it protects the adjustable horizontal laminated blinds to be situated on the first weatherproof exterior; it reinforces effective sound insulation with respect to the surrounding roadways; it helps limit heat loss during cold periods through the creation of a sheath of air which, in hot periods, will be effectively ventilated to prevent overheating; and it presents a more contemporary image.  

atelier zündel cristea: office building boulogne billancourt exterior view

the concept of  flexibility is pursued throughout the uniform grid patterning of the facade paneling into 1.35 meter modules corresponding to the 1.35 meter units of the suspended ceilings, and through the electrical and technical irrigation of the offices by means of raised floors and suspended ceilings. on each level there will be plant-filled loggias acting as the veritable green lungs of the building. it will function like small gardens, naturally ventilated spaces in which the users can pause and take in the view, indicating the sensitivity of today’s businesses providing more comfortable surroundings for their employees.

atelier zündel cristea: office building boulogne billancourt patio

built during the 1970’s, this project forms part of a larger architectural complex is made up of 11 buildings for housing, situated in the northern section of the site, along with the two office towers, interconnected at ground floor level via a shared lobby with accompanying spaces for businesses to the south. the office section, formed of structures a and b, is surrounded on all its external sides by public roads, with avenue du général leclerc to the south, rue de sèvres to the west, and rue de bellevue to the east.

atelier zündel cristea: office building boulogne billancourt section

atelier zündel cristea: office building boulogne billancourt section