‘zdp4’ by atelier zündel cristea, pantin, france all images courtesy of atelier zündel cristea




paris-based atelier zündel cristea has sent us images of ‘zdp4’, a 120 housing unit proposal located in patin, france. the structure takes into account a diversity of volumetric layouts; duplex, loft, house, terrace, loggia balcony, garden, while maximizing its relationship to both the water and industrial rail past that traverses the terrain of this neighborhood. as a result, materials such as glass, wood and metal are utilized through the project which are not currently found in paris today.


the team set out to: provide a maximum number of views on the canal; make available housing with generous amounts of extended exterior space; propose a doubled height for the duplex living rooms; propose an architecture that alludes to the imagery of the sea and the presence of water; work with the lightness of materials, their depths and extensions, in constructive simplicity play with refractions, reflections and transparency.

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 exterior view




the project offers both collective housing as well as nearly individual dwelling-type units. the urban block has a morphology with significant constraints, while maintaining an integration into its architecturally rich context. to foster a calm and serene atmosphere, perforated metal clad the base while wood siding is used for the small residences and terraces, glass and wood for the loggia balconies.


taking into consideration the north-south and east-west exposures, aluminum slat blinds provide the exterior with solar protection. these elements come to play an important role in the overall architectural expression within the treatment of the facades. the loggias contain the triple potential role of accessible balcony, winter garden, and additional room. the quality of the complex resides in its orientation with the sun, parks, promenades, and its unobstructed views. the various constraints provided an opportunity to develop more units which are oriented towards the canal. the terraced housing allows the creation of cut to measure units which can be ranged up to five rooms.

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 perforated metal facade

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 terraces

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 aerial view

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 interior

atelier zündel cristea: zdp4 section



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