‘porsche bicycle’ by bastiaan kok all images courtesy of bastiaan kok low placed handlebar and integrated bicycle helmet storage

netherland-based bastiaan kok has developed a ‘porsche bicycle’ which is influenced by the famous 911 series car. the bodywork resembles the classic lines of the sport to the integrated headlight, through to the slightly curved top tube, to the impressive rear wheel fender ending in the taillight. a low placed handle bar and integrated bicycle helmet are reminiscent of old race motorbikes.

the bicycle tube frame is replaced by a single piece of lightweight alloy for bodywork. the front fork is manufactured using investment casting with a master produced by rapid prototyping. with this method the complicated shape is created out of one piece with surface finishing and integrated ultra thin ribs with all the necessary bearing shells. the five spoke carbon wheel holds 60-622 schwalbe big apple drive tires with an internal shaft drive propeller and disc brakes.

bastiaan kok: porsche bicycle porsche 911 characteristics in detail

bastiaan kok: porsche bicycle sketches

bastiaan kok: porsche bicycle single piece bodywork with integrated bearing shells

bastiaan kok: porsche bicycle final design sketches

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