latvian architecture group NRJA have developed a proposal for a simple yet flexible structure in carnikava, a town near the baltic sea. the longitudinal, dynamic volume encompasses a bus station and local market under the same roof, where the modular spacing between the columns allows the spatial plan to be adjusted in accordance to changing needs and modes of operation. additionally, the mobile pavilions can be arranged in order to accommodate certain short term activities and events. the changing pitch of the roof reflects the qualities of the place while giving a new impulse of newness to the place.

carnikava market by NRJA elevation of the marketall images courtesy of NRJA

carnikava market by NRJA  bus station

carnikava market by NRJA market entrance

carnikava market by NRJA bus station

carnikava market by NRJA diagram explaining the room geometry

carnikava market by NRJA axonometric drawing of the structure and building

carnikava market by NRJA key division of functions and zones

carnikava market by NRJA section indicating the flexibility of retail modules



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