‘experimentarium science centre’ by CEBRA, copenhagen, denmark all images courtesy of CEBRAexterior view north east

danish architects CEBRA have sent us their winning proposal for the ‘experimentarium science centre’ in copenhagen, denmark. the project aims to modernize and create a flexible contemporary framework that provides a congenial spatial setting for diverse exhibitions and educational activities. the space will be open to its surroundings as a culture centre that offers a wide range of experiences to the nearby neighborhood. the 320.000 sq. ft. project includes a large new exhibition hall, a rooftop space, a botanical roof garden, a flexible stage for an audience of 400 people, centers for learning, innovation and research, and a conference with cafeterias and modern staff facilities.

the architecture will be an active instrument for communication an interaction. the identity is based on a collective interpretation of the space’s interior activity and physical surroundings; the connection between the human-made and nature – technology and environmental science, and history as the foundation for the future. the interior functions are organized with to create synergy where new constellations and spatial connections emerge in the working areas for staff. zones support the institutions mission and content towards an educational and and research based platform, expanding and reducing without compromising flow and programming.

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre exterior view south east

the facade serves as a dual purpose as they both maintains the original shell while providing a new and distinctive visual identity to the institution. large expansive areas of glass are inserted into the volume to provide views into the building. the staggered boxes, push outwards, to create a higher degree of external visibility where views and daylight form the stage for internal experiences.

the volumes are covered in perforated aluminum sheets to match the interior lighting requirements and provide a screen for the activities behind them. by using varying patterns and degrees of perforation, each box obtains an individual expression – despite being covered in the same type of material. to underline the idea of future resting in history, the existing building creates a formal language there the boxes’ reflect modern light appearances resting on the old brick facade. the visual weight of the old plant forms a stable foundation for this new structure.

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre entrance

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre atrium’s double helix stairway

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre cafeteria

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre roof garden outdoor area

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre exterior east view

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre site plan

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre elevation

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre elevation

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre elevation

CEBRA: experimentarium science centre concept diagram

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