‘gasper pad’ by chih-ching yang all images courtesy of chih-ching yang

taiwanese designer chih-ching yang has developed ‘gasper pad’ a dish pad shaped as a ghost. the design challenge was to remove the storage of the object by creating a decorative piece that can be displayed on the table. it stands as a ghost on the surface when it is not used. when the hot pots are put on the ‘gasper pad’ it stretches down and outward decresasing its occupation to a flat cushion. it is a simple to use item and brings a flexible language and form. the product is made of high quality silicone which is heat resistant (40 – 230 ℃), high ductile, high density, easy to wash, non-toxic and recyclable material.  

chih ching yang: gasper pad the pad changes shape becoming flat when you put a pot on it

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