sample of cloth pegs

the company c.c. hansen manufacture traditional plastic and wooden cloth pegs. the traditional pegs are primarily manufactured in the far east and assembled by hand and shipped around the world. the idea was to manufacture a cloth peg in only one piece that could be assembled by the injection mould. that mean the design process was not only to design a product but also a mould that could assemble the peg as a part of the ejection process. in this way is it possible to ship the mould around the world and manufacture the pegs locally, further more monotonous work is avoided.

the force from the snapper cloth peg is equal to a traditional wooden cloth peg and it keeps the tension forever due to the use of pom polymer.

design and development: claus molgaard, Copenhagen, denmark manufacturer: c.c. hansen, roskilde, denmark

cloth peg   snapper cloth pegs assembled

cloth peg   snapper cloth peg before assembling