comac ‘barn restaurant XVII’ in  charroux, france image © comac




french agency comac has sent us images of ‘barn restaurant VXII’ located in charroux, france a historic village that contains building from the XVIIth century. the ancient franked fortified town was an eminent point of the medieval trade under the air of dukes du bourbonnais. today, the renovated space highlights the country and cultural heritage of the site while combining modern conditions with that of a newly designed restaurant.



comac: barn restaurant XVII interior perspective image © comac




the barn is made of traditional stone walls with a total of three wide openings that face the north, a clay ground and a structural skeleton entirely recovered with its original tiles. the south part contains a garden looking onto a street facing the old city hall. to restructure the space into a restaurant meant preserving the historical environment of the place, respecting what is already existing and letting it evolve on is own. 


comac: barn restaurant XVII image © comac




by creating openings onto the southern facade, it allows light to filter into the space and extend the interior space into the garden. confronting the conservative point of view of the STAP’s patrimonial diktat and convincing the ABF that light does not desecrate stone. therefore, a humble and respectful space free from the walls and interior skeleton was designed modestly in the shell. 


comac: barn restaurant XVII dining space image © comac




two programs, the kitchen and the dining room, made of wooden supports, isolated, strongly braced and coated with plywood, face each other. placed on a wooden deck and connecting the tnside to the outside, the openings of the volumes extend the differents piercings of the barn letting the ground to continue from the restaurant towards the terrace, which is the only visible intervention you can see from the street.


comac: barn restaurant XVII entranceimage © comac

comac: barn restaurant XVII bar space image © photo julien combes

comac: barn restaurant XVII patio image © photo julien combes

comac: barn restaurant XVII sketch image © comac


comac: barn restaurant XVII axonometric drawings image © comac

comac: barn restaurant XVII section image © comac

comac: barn restaurant XVII section-elevation image © comac

comac: barn restaurant XVII plan image © comac




project info:

location: charroux program: restaurant area: 105 m2 budget: 90 000€ completed: 2012



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