‘cook&eat kitchenware’ by paul t. dack all images courtesy of paul t. dack

UK-based designer paul t. dack has develop ‘cook&eat kitchenware’ a set which encourages users to enjoy and appreciate dining activities. by introducing fun, novel and humorous elements into the model, users not only enjoy using the products, to provides them with the opportunity to appreciate the activity in hand and find meaningful value and pleasure in a normal mundane activity.

the components were blown molded from borosilicate glass by a company that traditionally specializes in laboratory glassware, making them very tough and safe for use in even the toughest kitchen conditions. the rubber bladder and pipette squeezer were produced from silicone in a hand rotational process. this material was specially selected so as to be safe with food products and not to taint the flavors of the ingredients. the grinding mechanisms on the mills were produced using asb plastic using a rapid prototyper.

cook&eat kitchenware by paul t. dack the ‘oil flask’ contains a silicone rubber bladder that prevents olive oil from degrading in natural light it creates an unexpected but humorous wobble movement when used

cook&eat kitchenware by paul t. dack cook&eat ‘mills’

cook&eat kitchenware by paul t. dack the coarseness of the salt and pepper mills can be adjusted using the over-sized wing nuts on the top the upright grinding mechanism prevents the little salt and pepper circles appearing on your table top

cook&eat kitchenware by paul t. dack the ‘vinegar bottle’ makes use of a pipette this encourages fun interaction with the product and allows for more controlled use of balsamic vinegar

cook&eat kitchenware by paul t. dack cook&eat kitchenware

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