‘plugbook’ by dave hakkens all images courtesy of dave hakkens

eindehoven-based dave hakkens has developed ‘plugbook’ which is a socket which eliminates having multiple power cords. the design is made in the shape of a book which hides itself between your other books in your library. when you need it, just take it out and pull the cord. this allows the socket to be in your living room without being obstructive. inside the book is a 10 feet/3 meter of cable. when you don’t need it anymore you press the button and the cord automatically rewinds and is stored away for the next time. it is currently on kickstarter  to make the project real. 

dave hakkens: plugbook hiding in the middle of your living room

dave hakkens: plugbook auto rewind cable

dave hakkens: plugbook european and north american version

dave hakkens: plugbook information

dave hakkens: plugbook inside of the ‘plugbook’

dave hakkens: plugbook 3d print test

dave hakkens: plugbook eliminating clutter

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