‘buoy tags’ by erin strater + matt vroom all  images courtesy of erin strater + matt vroom

video editor erin strater and graphic designer matt vroom have developed ‘buoy tags‘ a product which keeps track our your electronic cables. the pieces snap around your earbuds, USB dock cable and adapters to quickly identity your cords at home, in the office, or on the go. the sleek, low-profile design are customizable and compliment the look and feel of your apple gear.  

erin strater + matt vroom: buoy tags  personal identification tags

erin strater + matt vroom: buoy tags the 3-pack includes a tag for your apple earbuds, usb dock charger and magsafe power adapter

erin strater + matt vroom: buoy tags inside the packaging you’ll also find letter and color inserts to customize your tags

erin strater + matt vroom: buoy tags illustrator, photoshop or word templates are also available for more specific customization


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