latvia design studio NRJA’s latest project ‘floating barn’ is designed as a small home for long latvian summers adopting the archetypal cross-section and built upon pontoons. using one material for both walls and roofs, a homogenous look of the building is achieved; surface texture and details are reached by the finish of raw wood planking. large windows of the building provide a visual link with the surrounding; the terraces offers an opportunity to go out while being in the house. indoor space is formed with built-in furniture walls — the space above the ceilings being is used as sleeping area. a power generator, water tanks and filtered grey water collectors are incorporated in pontoons.

floating barns for long latvian summers by NRJAfloating barn near the seaall images courtesy of NRJA

floating barns for long latvian summers by NRJAa single floating barn in pavilosta, latvia 

NRJAseveral floating barns in pavilosta, latvia

NRJAclose up of the floating barn

NRJAhistorical reference to old fishermen shed in Pavilosta, Latvia

NRJA1st and 2nd level plans



NRJAsustainability diagram



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