‘city lights’ by yael shahar

now more than ever, the average consumer is insisting on products that cater to personal expression, making the art of customization is increasingly in demand. enter funkKit stickers4sneakers- a shoe customization product personalized by its user-based online community, and shared with the world. these stickers are made of special, technologically-advanced materials, that are cut out and placed on the consumers’ shoe as desired, changing the shoe’s look completely.

designers from around the world submit designs for the stickers, and funkKit users vote on the ones they like the best. designs with the most votes are made into stickers and sold under the funkKit name. this gives designers a spot in the limelight, a chance to add diversity to their portfolios and publicity over the web and in stores where funkKit stickers4sneakers are sold, in countries such as japan, korea, israel, taiwan and new zealand and soon europe and the united states.

funkKit stickers for sneakers ‘eyeformation’ by frank casazza

funkKit stickers for sneakers

‘colored dots’ by naria r.



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