alfred front view.

yet the person who sits in the armchair still feels important! this is almost a caricature of this typology of armchair. the structure, in maple wood, is composed of a line segmented in space, forming the seat and backrest. fixed to the structure is a high tension network of fabric. two feather-filled cushions make the armchair comfortable. when designing this bergère we concentrated on the joining of square section wooden tubes, moving freely in 3-dimensional space. we wanted to bring this project to life via the balance of two forces that might give a kind of casual elegance to the project: the contrast between the structure, segmented and "schizophrenic", and the network which is connected in strategic parts of the structure to create a sinous surface that also supports the lower back.

technical alfred

self-production for "design-uncovered" exposition in milan, italy. year: 2010 dimensions: height 84 cm, lenght 86 cm, width 97 cm. materials: maple wood, polyurethane, wool, polyester. colours: white.

giopato + coombes: alfredo armchair alfred back view.

giopato + coombes: alfredo armchair blue version.

giopato + coombes: alfredo armchair intermediate sketch.

giopato + coombes: alfredo armchair concept / research sketches.

giopato + coombes: alfredo armchair from the classic bergère to alfred.