‘dia’ puzzle calendar by gonçalo campos




portuguese designer gonçalo campos has developed the ‘dia calendar’, a one-piece-a-day puzzle system that allows users to complete the unit as the year goes by. this concept interprets passing time in a more interactive and visually stimulating manner, providing a reference to how many days have passed, or how many are left in the month or year. because this composition is based on modified puzzle pieces that link to any neighboring component, it allows for an easy color-based organization,  transforming the routine of time-keeping into an game interpreted though the application of additive simulated pixel drawings. each of the 366 pieces in the calendar set (leap year addition included) has been laser etched with the corresponding month and day.

  gonçalo campos : the dia puzzle calendar time keeping visual expression

gonçalo campos : the dia puzzle calendar calendar piece detail

gonçalo campos : the dia puzzle calendar with the puzzle pieces it’s possible to draw a personal timekeeping system

gonçalo campos : the dia puzzle calendar time represented by tree rings and an hour glass


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