‘growing light’ by gorillalighting all images courtesy of gorillalighting

german artist alias gorillalighting has developed ‘growing light’ an installation on show at the light art biennale ‘luminale’ in frankfurt. in an idyllic park area a summer house blossomed in a new light, where there were a lot of details for the visitors to discover: light fibers climbing up a pergola in front of the house, branches of light growing out of the surrounding trees and small light sprouts harmonized with purple tulips in the flower bed in front of the house.

‘fine shoots of light sprout from the dark of night. still small, hardly perceptible – the significance of light in everyday life. but small shoots can develop into great things, a new awareness of light – the shoots of light grow before the eyes of the beholder and ensconce him in a new light.’ – gorillalighting

  growing light by gorillalighting front view

after a long search, light artist stefan lotze had found the right place. more than a half year of preparation he put into the project, one week was needed for composition and installation. but the effort was worthwhile: thousands of visitors marveled at the delicate lines of light and were enchanted by the atmosphere.

but the point is: the lighting installation actually grows. the fine fibers of different length can be controlled separately. this makes them light up in succession, giving the impression of growth.

with small and immediate interventions lotze wanted to make people familiar with the fascination of light and let them experience the effect of good lighting. the goal of his label gorillalighting: a new perception of light in public space. he wants to achieve this with various artistic activities.

growing light by gorillalighting tulips

growing light by gorillalighting

growing light by gorillalighting detail

growing light by gorillalighting light twig

growing light by gorillalighting

growing light by gorillalighting front

growing light by gorillalighting side

growing light by gorillalighting side closeup



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