‘SACH’ by herszage+sternberg architects, holon, israel photographer: shai epstein

‘SACH’ (save a child’s heart) has recently opened its new building – the legacy heritage children’s home, developed by tel-aviv based herszage+sternberg architects located in the city of holon, israel. the residence provides housing for children who need life-saving heart surgeries, their families, as well as nurses, doctors and volunteers.

the 900 square meters l-shaped building incorporates the latest green building techniques, includes a green roof with skylights, an energy saving system for lighting and air conditioning and solar panels to heat water. a spacious garden and outdoor playground providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for children pre and post-heart surgery.

modesty and simplicity are qualities which were recognized in the essence of ‘SACH’ which helps children from developing countries regardless of their race or religion partner responsible for the design and construction of the building. that is why the design is harmonized within the residential neighborhood, yet functional for its specific needs.

a combination of materials, such as steel beams and sliding wooden shutters, give the façade dynamism and movement since it changes according to the position of the shutters. the panels also block the sun and cool the building creating an exterior highlighted with simple lines.

the back façade received a different treatment that the front. the exterior overlooks an adjacent public garden, with colored glass panels and curved lines, facing the living room and outdoor playground in the main level. the gardens surround the building of about 600 square meters. the emphasis was put on particular vegetation that children could plant, such as herbs like basil, mint and rosemary, which complement their recreational activities during their stay in the house. games were also installed in the playground for the activities which the children could perform during their stay at the residence. 

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house front facade

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house entrance

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house living room

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house kitchen

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house dining hall

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house playground

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house playground

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house colored screen

herszage+sternberg architects: SACH house back facade

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