‘desired sync, global crisis + design ver.1.5’ by the institute of multidisciplinarity for art, architecture and design (i:m) all images courtesy of i:m ‘reciprocal architecture II’ by changhak choi

designers and artists in new york city team up to develop projects addressing currents global issues in an exhibition, ‘desired sync: global crisis & design ver.1.5.’ organized by the korean cultural service new york and presented by the institute of multidisciplinarity for art, architecture and design (i:m), on show till june 15, 2012. it is the second in a series of presentation that were selected from the official ‘2012 call for artists’ program organized by the korean cultural service new york.

the exhibition commissioner and curator changhak choi, architect and founding director of i:m, indicates that ‘desired sync’ is an experimental of people’s desire and efforts to resolve current global concerns, which then would be able to surmount when social systems, public realm and design professionals are synchronized together.

‘the work presented by young design professionals, who are sensitive to their own identity as well as painful social issues, is not only a result of significant research on fundamental inquiries of the human nature with facing matter of crises squarely what we are confronting these days but also worthy achievement of full-time employed designers beyond the boundary between the professions and limitation of time and space through the interdisciplinary collaboration.’ – creative director hangman zo and project coordinator dongil kim

k-chan zoh, architect and co-curator of the exhibition, said that each work offers a unique perspective on issues of global crisis and furthers debates on it with a profound insight.

jeeyong an and sang hwa lee of manifesto architecture present the project, a sustainable re-interpretation of the traditional bike rack typology, in an abandoned urban plot.yuyeon cho’s reveals a process book project which preserves a native language of a little-known tribe in new zealand that is gradually disappearing due to introduction of english. changhak choi of xenogenesis revisits a temporary residential project to provide new housing design paradigm between home ownership and economic crisis in high density city of manhattan .

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘immortal dreams 2’ by sue gyeong syn

sue gyeong syn offers solace to the present generation living in the sluggish development of mankind caused by the suppressed freedom of dreams in an interactive media project

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘immortal dreams 2’ by sue gyeong sin, detail

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘mapping the crisis perception & reality’ by taewook cha

taewook cha of supermass studio expounds landscape design tactics in derived from local ecological and socio-cultural issues.

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘DIY fallout shelter & 5 star fallout shelter’ by hangman zo + jeeyoung seo

hangman zo and jiyoung seo of taal address the unforeseen future by redesigning nuclear shelters in the exhibition furthermore significantly features <6+13+21>, a pavilion of collaboration project experimenting the six crises which is the expressive result of three month interdisciplinary discussion of 13 designers and artists.

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘less house’ by dongil kim + seojoo lee

dongil kim and seojoo lee’s experiment with new housing type to investigate the relationship between land, housing, infrastructures, urban form with respect to the nature.

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘flower for old woman’ by gahee ha

gahee ha’s discovers losing humanities, apathy and anonymity in the city.

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘voyage’ by hwayong jung

hwayong jung presents an interactive kinetic object, exploring environmental issue in the contemporary city.

i:m: desired sync   global crisis + design ver.1.5 ‘please touch’ by jiwon parkimage courtesy of i:m

jiwon park offers <1/2 project>, a social venture that aims to help consumers perception of giving to charity, and proposes a new way of communication with visually handicapped person ini:m is an independent non-profit organization that promotes advanced interaction in art, architecture, design, technology and other related disciplines in new york city. founded in 2011, the institute is dedicated to the speculative research and presentation of contemporary design practice, socio-cultural issues, as well as to identify emerging talents in arts and the diverse design disciplines.

‘desired sync’ features works of twenty-two designers from various professionals: architects, landscape architects, interior designer , fashion designers, graphic designers, visual artists and interactive media artists. it offers fourteen interdisciplinary projects, including one collaborating project by thirteen designers, envisioning people’s desire to overcome various crises confronting current events: environmental crisis, energy crisis, economical and financial crisis, housing crisis etc.. these projects are a collection of ideas and provocations aim to create a network of idea exchange and new models of interactive, synergistic thinking beyond the initial multiplicities of profession.project info:

organized by: korean cultural service new york presented by: i:m, the institute of multidisciplinarity for art, architecture and design commissioning curator: changhak choi  project curator: k-chan zoh creative director: hangman zo team project coordinator: dongil kim

gallery korea of the korean cultural service new york (460 park avenue 6th floor, new york, ny 10022)

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