‘barcelona’ and ‘lisbon’ chairs by naomi muirhead, 2012

‘this project initiated when I found a lonely wooden cafe-style chair sitting near a dumpster on a street in florence. I had already been using maps in collages and jewelry, so why not spiff up this old chair…with the city of florence, of course (where I live). then I was asked to fulfill a commission for a whole set of chairs. I was able to find 6 more chairs and gave the client her choice of cities from vintage maps. she chose barcelona, lisbon, london, st. petersberg, milan, and venice. made in florence, shipped to amsterdam.

the chairs were first restored and painted with acrylic base colors– in this case metallic white and gunmetal gray. then the images and gold-leaf accents were transferred on, and a final coat of protective varnish was applied. the possibilities, like travel, are endless!‘ —naomi muirhead

international map chairs by naomi muirhead @art925 ‘london’ and ‘st. petersberg’ chairs

international map chairs by naomi muirhead @art925 ‘milan’ and ‘venice’ chairs

international map chairs by naomi muirhead @art925 a vintage map of florence, italy decorates the seat of the chair (detail)


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