Reclaim The Street, EAT!

Keuken #2 had just successfully held on last february’s 26th; and left us stories of abundant merriment along the saparua venue. One of our proud features is this signature Bike Bar, a custom built bar-like bike made through the collaboration between Keuken ( and EBike Indonesia (

this bike was taking function as a mini-bar installed upon an electric bike showcased all day long that day.

each detail on this bike which signed Keuken X EBike has its own unique. the bike bar – how it’s simply called – was displayed along with The Mobile Kitchen, our other trait in collaboration with UNKL347 ( in a mobile set installation. on them there were also several cooking sessions inviting random group of cooks/chefs including bandung cycle chic, chef damian, and dea hidayasa that cooked the foods for free, especially for the by-passing attendants. the wooden box bar installed at the top of the electric bike is assembled from the multiplex blocks, firmly imposed on an extra structure at the bike’s back wheel ace: also a place for electrical batteries to help reducing the pedal burden. slots and compartments then placed in each side of the mini-bar to provide spaces for prepared ingredients and cooking utensils. finally the upper side of bike bar is equipped with an extension side planks for our chefs to put the sets on it. it has been fun, Ebike; eager to see you guys again in the near future!

keuken#2: bike bar Bike Bar

keuken#2: bike bar Keuken X Ebike

keuken#2: bike bar Mint Mojito by ‘Bule’ in the making

keuken#2: bike bar Everybody’s happy!

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