an original sketch

kibun toy by andrew lum the toy on a bike

kibun is a new character, designed by andrew lum of raw emotion, inc.

this project is a plush doll, that aims to be transition the 2d character to 3d toy. it is a sewn and stuffed doll, about 9in x 9in x 7in. the outside is covered with a soft velboa fabric. the inside is filled with a vinyl foam. it is then carefully stitched together. it feels soft on the surface and spongy when you squeeze it.

we are running a kickstarter project, to fund a full line of toys. here is the page:

we must secure at least 00 in pre-orders by March 19th. otherwise, the project will not go ahead, and nobody will be charged. so far, we are 20% funded, with 30 days to go.

by pre-ordering a toy on kickstarter, you are giving us the backing we need to complete this project. backers who pledge or more will be sent a plush toy.

please contribute to this project, and spread the word to your friends.

thank you for your support.

read the first chapter of the kibun storybook here: kibun toy by andrew lum a rendering of Kibun

  kibun toy by andrew lum kibun plush toy

kibun toy by andrew lum the toy on a table

kibun toy by andrew lum a storybook excerpt

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