‘lamp mess’ by vasiliy butenko all images courtesy of vasiliy butenko

ukrainian designer vasiliy butenko has developed ‘lamp mess’ a light which takes its form from elements created by nature. the basic principle of the object was understanding that one is able to reproduce a small part of a chaotic geometric layout. the challenge was to make an object with a cluttered form, but with a strict structure where the complex systematic plan resembles shapes of flora. the framework is placed in such as way that you can see how the petals are built from the top. quincunx arrangement of the details compacted the lampshade, hiding the aluminum frame, making lightweight and durable.

lamp mess by vasiliy butenko table lamp

lamp mess by vasiliy butenko

lamp mess by vasiliy butenko floor lamp

lamp mess by vasiliy butenko detail of petals

lamp mess by vasiliy butenko

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