kigutu in formation at venice biennale 2012 by louise braverman architect

new york-based louise braverman architect has conceived ‘kigutu in formation’, as part of the ‘traces of centuries & future steps’ event at palazzo bembo for the 2012 venice biennale. the exhibit depicts the architect’s collaboration with village health works and the local kigutu community to rebuild their rural, off-the-grid site after many years of overwhelming civil strife. it displays the current global/local effort that has led to a sustainable design for both the 40 acre master site plan as well as several new buildings.

the work will be introduced by a three dimensional environmental installation that portrays the firm’s architectural work in burundi as an interwoven relationship between the east african cultural and natural landscapes in the context of aesthetics, sustainability, and societal advancement. included within the exhibition is an informative video enhanced by the urgent sound of an african drumbeat.

louise braverman: kigutu in formation at venice biennale 2012 view of ceiling and interwoven images

louise braverman: kigutu in formation at venice biennale 2012 view of interwoven images

design team: 

design principal: louise braverman  project manager: jing liu  team: moulee basumallik, sunny huang, bethany long, derric meister, revati narayan, christian newman, molly o’neill, brandon townsend

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