albanian designer marin myftiu has conceived the ‘smart guide’, a solution that addresses many unsolved problems of cable management. its structure and modular nature makes it extremely flexible and versatile, making it possible to create arrays of virtually any size, shape or length, solving even the most tedious situations with ease. because of this, its use rangesfrom power and pc cables to server racks or even internal pc cable management.

marin myftiu: smart guide closeup detail with extruded logo

marin myftiu: smart guide 

marin myftiu: smart guide  typical desk usage

marin myftiu: smart guide  other desk use with desk cable hole

marin myftiu: smart guide smart guide from the bottom of the desk, showing labeling

marin myftiu: smart guide power cable use

marin myftiu: smart guide case interior cable management

marin myftiu: smart guide other typical desk use

marin myftiu: smart guide

marin myftiu: smart guide single color version – the seamless looks and sophisticationfor your neat designer office/homewithout losing the eleganceand color coding

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