preparatory sketches and stages in the development

often, from initial sketches through the complex tangle of lines and forms, artwork is going far beyond the initial ideas, becoming larger and more complex. combining small pieces of glued plexiglas I get a new structure as a result. usually I’m engaged on several sculptures at the same time and primarily working on forms with inside light, or with illumination from an external source. this comes from my inspiration with modern design and art, interests in light experiments and exploring the use of different mediums while attempting to keep simplistic form. my observation is that every single thing is made of fragments that fit into a single display of all we know. each object is alive and his life depends on the energy that has been stored in it. If the fragments are organized in a different way, than they are generating new life, that we never seen before. this has always been research without end. Although my sculptures have figurative elements, they are almost exclusively abstract and provide the great freedom of interpretation for an observer.

exhibition “genesis” presents sculptures that although act as independent objects fit into a single, unique image. the idea for me is to connect the observer with amorphous structures that exist in everyday environment, but on a micro level that is invisible to our eyes. however, these little structures and forms comprise our world in a way we are not aware of.

marko gavrilovic: genesis artwork: time is the enemy, year: 2012, material: shaped metal skeleton, acrylic and Indian ink on canvas

marko gavrilovic: genesis just as different objects, wildlife, cities, water makes our world, my sculptures are impressions, parts, objects, experiences that are built in a world of the new organism

marko gavrilovic: genesis genesis by marko gavrilovic

marko gavrilovic: genesis exhibition genesis 1

marko gavrilovic: genesis exhibition genesis 2

marko gavrilovic: genesis installation

marko gavrilovic: genesis genesis by marko gavrilovic

marko gavrilovic: genesis genesis light

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