‘chaplin’ by martin hirth all images courtesy of marth hirth

german-based designer martin hirth has sent us images of ‘chaplin’ a floor lamp which was recently given the ‘design plus award’ at the 2012 light+building fair in frankfurt, germany. the object is modeled after the famous english actor charlie chaplin which uses an upturned bowl on a fence post in an idyllic campsite reminiscent of the comedian’s trademark of a hat and walking stick. the piece is manufactured using simple, energy-saving techniques in metal forming and wooden parts. the natural and standard items are composed of steel, ash wood and a textile coated cable measuring 165 x 35 x 35 cm to create a geometrical arrangement of the famous figure.

martin hirth: chaplin wooden stand and metal spun lampshade

martin hirth: chaplin front view

martin hirth: chaplin

martin hirth: chaplin

martin hirth: chaplin chaplin lamp at equilibrium

martin hirth: chaplin detail

martin hirth: chaplin initial sketch

martin hirth: chaplin light cone balance 1:1 model

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