view by night

the destination of the project imposes a research on the notions of filling and loading. the universal symbol of an electric cell appeared logically in our thoughts. the battery cell leads notions of contents (the energy), and container (the battery cell), offering 2 aspects to our parking tower. the container: a glass cylinder which allows you to see the parking space load level which, from 8:00 pm, participates in the symphony of lights of the victoria harbor, thanks to the glass is natural capacity of reflection.

the content: the intern all load level bars become opaque (during the day) and get illuminated (at night) when these all load level bars are full.

regarding the functioning of the building, we were quick to realize that the installation of a typical circular loading ramp would force the users to cover too much distance inside the tower, considering the 1500 required parking spots panning across 80 levels. consequently, in a concern of functional performance, we set up a system of mechanical distribution which rises and slides laterally inside the central backbone of the tower. the tip of the battery situated at the very top of the tower, will house the skybar included in the program. surrounded by a 360° panoramic terrace, this space will offer an exceptional scenic view to the parking users, inhabitants of hong-kong, as well as the tourists visiting the city.

massiv: car park hong kong concepts

massiv: car park hong kong organization

massiv: car park hong kong

ground level

massiv: car park hong kong current level

massiv: car park hong kong skybar level

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