‘lush saigon lounge bar’ by MIA, saigon, vietnam all images courtesy of MIA

vietnamese practice MIA design studio has developed ‘lush saigon lounge bar’ in saigon, vietnam. within the space, a billboard of sound is projected using 2400  LED diodes to create a spectacular wall of light and motion. the dj’s tunes express an artistic display of flashing colors and moving graphics across this partition becoming a music designer. the new grammar let’s the sound narrate a visual story. maverick murals of graffiti, which have been one of the pillars of the hip hop movement, is reflected throughout the club with dynamic murals anchoring the interior design.

on one wall a prominent black and white stencil-like piece that portrays the fictional comic book character rick grimes that faces a giant mural of the iconic 1969 woodstock musician jimi hendrix to create a sense of avant-garde street art. the graphics express an approach which is all about pleasure but with an underlying conscious knowledge of resounding madness which brings a feathery smile from the soul. a sculpted wall overhangs 3D modeled stainless steel pieces to refract the light bringing more bling to the kinky ring.

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar nightclub space

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar 3D stainless steel wall  

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar bar

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar lounge

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar glass detail

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar

MIA: lush saigon lounge bar LED dj booth

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