coffee table which is made of sands.

this is one of new works for tokyo designers week 2011. I want to stop time, even if it is impossible. escape from busy works while drinking a cup of coffee, at least. falling sands in hourglass is a symbol of passage of time. so I tried to stop it. though this hourglass has no glass case, sands doesn’t fall in as if time was stopping. it looks strange, and impossible. in fact, sands are formed into the content of hourglass by epoxy resin. and its prop is a slender clear acrylic rod, to express falling sands. it is strong, and never break. top of hourglass has a wood plate within sands, so it can be use as table.

moment by shinobu koizumi hourglass without a case.

moment by shinobu koizumi time stopped, and fixed falling sands.

moment by shinobu koizumi top of the table.

moment by shinobu koizumi detail of a prop.

moment by shinobu koizumi detail of surface.

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