collapsible state – this used to be a living room

our contemporary style of living forces us to rethink our surrounding. the virtual digital environment makes our physical neighborhood as big as the whole world, and our possibilities for being is as endless as the web. this international state penetrates our physical surrounding and makes our lives more dynamic than ever before. our personal belongings are becoming things that we need to move occasionally from home to home. we move between apartments, cities, states and even continents. following our international life style, one day we are here, and in the other we live far far away. sometimes it seems that our possessions are defined by the size of the moving van or the container we need to move our self, and by that our ‘moving foot print’ is more important than our ‘present foot print’.

what happens to our belongings that fail to move with us? can they keep on existing? can a non-collapsible sofa still exist in the contemporary life style? and what will be the life span of a non-collapsible chair, one that will just take too much space in the moving van? the non-movable items will probably find their way out to the garbage, and the movable items will be packed into the moving van and will stay with us in our next living environments. some companies understood this fact long time ago, and are producing furniture items that will only last for a short while, as they understand that our presence in a specific place is only temporary.

"movable presence" is a study of the range of personal necessities and surrounding objects in the contemporary life style, that is always on the move, stopping at certain points called home, but keeps on moving to the next "home" in a short while. in this state of constant moving, the moment of packing is as important as the time of being. collapsible items based on trestles technique made of white beech wood and plywood that are ready for the next moving is presented here, with a possibility to assemble them by using different old furniture parts, which finished their life span. a chair, a sofa, a bench, table, and shelving system, are ready for the next move, constructed with a ratchet band that will be very helpful when tying our life possessions to the moving van.

movable presence assembled state of things

movable presence arm chair

movable presence double arm chair, with old wool blanket

movable presence lamp table – trestles + old office lamp

movable presence shelves

movable presence bench – trestles + old closet door

movable presence bench – trestles + old closet doors

movable presence stool – trestles + old oven

movable presence collapsible office table

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