main entrance

just like a brand new trip, we investigate and look for new realities, new uses, new sensations. the restyling concept for the place where we book this trip aims to transmit to the travelers a different vision from the usual travel agency polychromy and clutter, hardly forcing on shapes, colors and contents simplicity. a simple environment, where lines twist, merge and overlap without creating loss and confusion sensation, describing an intuitive and rational operative space where each operator or visitor has his own clear position, never generating chaos, derangement and noise. two translucent-frames separated settings are linked together to create an unique environment trough simple shapes replicating and rationally disposing: a travel agency preparing the travelers through formal, chromatic and lighting coldness, to live unforgettable emotions and sensations.  

msx2: travel boutique customers area

msx2: travel boutique tour operator area

msx2: travel boutique operative corner

msx2: travel boutique zoominearth logowall

msx2: travel boutique travel agency area

msx2: travel boutique incoming services area

msx2: travel boutique customers area

msx2: travel boutique operator desk

msx2: travel boutique on-demand furniture

msx2: travel boutique seating detail

msx2: travel boutique zoominearth logo

project info:

concept and design: 2011 completion: 2012 approx surface: 100mq client: dalcanto [travel agency] + zoominearth [tour operator] + entroterra [incoming services] photographic credits: marco stacchini, michele simonetti [msX2]

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