‘aegis parka’ by nieuwe heren

dutch design duo nieuwe heren have designed the ‘aegis parka’, a concept jacket that aims to counter the effects of urban pollution. by using sensors that register hazardous molecules in the air, the coat informs the user of the contaminants with the help of illuminating LED lights. its built-in respirator uses an active carbon filter to help inhale fresh oxygen. the soft product shell integrates a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) solution treatment that cleanses the atmosphere due to its photo-catalytic properties, which helps contribute a positive
balance in the quality of air.
created from schoeller-ceraspace, a scaly fabric created out of ceramic particles, the garment becomes far more abrasion and heat resistant than leather. its inner liner uses schoeller-PCM, a special textile containing millions of microcapsules filled with phase changing materials (PCM) that climatizes temperatures for personal comfort. the MQ-135 air quality sensor detects the most common urban pollutants such as NH3, benzene and CO2. depending on the severity of the conditions, an atmega 328 micro controller sends a signal for an extra 40 LEDs to light up.

nieuwe heren: aegis parka hoodie strap

nieuwe heren: aegis parka detail electronics
nieuwe heren: aegis parka total garment
nieuwe heren: aegis parka aegis parka
nieuwe heren: aegis parka aegis parka rear
nieuwe heren: aegis parka hooded
nieuwe heren: aegis parka active carbon respirator
nieuwe heren: aegis parka protective hood

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