‘once upon a sponge’ by papairlines all images courtesy of papairlines ‘iSponge’ by sotiris lazou

once upon a sponge project aims to showcase the different perspectives of design. creative platform papairlines invited 20 designers to conceptualize and build unexpected and imaginative narrative objects with the final destination being to show and tell stories through the use of the iconic yellow sponge. the sponge, a neglected everyday object, transforms into a construction material for the designers who redefine its form and established use in order to challenge the perception of the user. thus, they examine material properties, such as texture, color, absorption, elasticity and opacity using manufacturing techniques including gluing, weaving and sewing. using irony, humor, emotion and semiotics they infuse new attributes to a common product.

papairlines is a creative platform that focuses on exposing the methodologies and process behind all things designed: from an experience to a product and a service with which we interact, inadvertently or not, on a daily basis. participating designers: 157+173 designers, ritsa anastasiadou, marcia argyriades, christina billiouri, angela chrissaiti, ctrlzak, dede dextrous design, jazzt design, kanella, sotiris lazou, vassilis mylonadis, kikos papadopoulos, stathis petropoulos, kallirroy spyridonos, zaxos stathopoulos, marc schulthess, wedid-id + a and alexandros xanthakis, with concept-curation by loukas angelou, vasso asfi, and costas bissas.

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘check-in check it out’ by papairlines

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘giant sponge’ by kanellaonce upon a sponge by papairlines clean data by zaxos stathopoulos

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘soft drink’ by ctrlzak art & design studio

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘r light’ by ritsa anastasiadou

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘sponge basket’ by vassilis mylonadis

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘sponged doormat’ by wedid-id + a

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘hardbowls’ by jazzt design

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘square step bowl’ by stathis petropoulos

once upon a sponge by papairlines ‘sponge bag’ by 157+173 designers

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