phx desk organizer

designed by chadwick parker and joe huang, this is a pen stand/desk organizer that lets you put just about anything you want inside. pens, phones, scissors, markers, charging/usb cords, etc… it holds your favorite stuff and keeps your work space clutter-free. there are no designated spots, so you can decide where you want your objects to go. it has internal silicone fingers that allow you to place both big and small objects inside. the fingers are soft enough that they will never scratch your objects, yet strong enough to hold heavy objects in place. the aluminum body is heavy and stays put on your desk so removing your objects is also easy. you can even organize your cords by placing them in the stylish back grooves. it’s versatile, grounded, anodized and made using only premium materials.

PHX desk organizer 15′ computer is for color and size reference

PHX desk organizer cord managment grooves

PHX desk organizer objects can tint or stand straight up

PHX desk organizer holds a lot…

PHX desk organizer or a little

PHX desk organizer removable silicone finger mat

PHX desk organizer let you put object where you see fit

PHX desk organizer anodized aluminum texture and finish

PHX desk organizer minimal work space

PHX desk organizer nice and neat

PHX desk organizer phx desk organizer

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