corner bench

ECKBANK OST (corner bench) – by prechteck inpired by piles of treetrunks , eckbank ost is a modular seating concept by prechteck for a famous club called "pratersauna" in vienna, austria. considering that people communicate in a variety of ways, the eckbank concept offers a wide range of practical use. relax on a chair, lie on a bench, sit on a bar stool to communicate at eye level with a friend standing next to you, or just use it as a backrest while sitting on the lawn, the design caters to the needs of these individual preferences. it allows for the benches to become a quiet place for one during the day, as well as a social meeting ground later in the evening.

mainly made out of wood, one module consists of 40 cm-spaced triangulated profiles connected by horizontal timber. the triangles get linked with the triangles of its neighbor units creating a stable truss-system. the structure then gets covered by 15×1.5 cm spruce boards. using those separate units, the owner can assemble a seating arrangement depending on the expected number of visitors. ending at different length, the arrangement of the units radiates main themes of a club, like music, rhythm or volume and so has the potential to become an identity defining object for the location. links:




prechteck: eckbank ost inspiration

prechteck: eckbank ost structure

prechteck: eckbank ost arrangement

prechteck: eckbank ost different seating habits

prechteck: eckbank ost floor plan

prechteck: eckbank ost phase 1

prechteck: eckbank ost phase 2

prechteck: eckbank ost model view

prechteck: eckbank ost detail

prechteck: eckbank ost detail

prechteck: eckbank ost eckbank ost

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